Software development

code_smallThe experienced will know their tools and just want some really good geeks to give wings to your awesome ideas. We are such geeks who love to play with technology and deliver a great service.

For the less experienced, there are a lot of options out there to build a website. CMS, frameworks, and scripting languages are in plenty. But which is the right one for your requirements?. Selecting one can be quite a challenge at times.

Whichever your experience level in the field, the technology you use to build your application must be carefully weighed against your current requirements, future plans, and scalabilitty. And we at Damac are the right people to carefully analyze your requirements and help you identify the right technology for your project.

The mobile, the web and the jugaad device

Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi and Punjabi word, literally meaning a hack.

Many a times you would want the web, your mobile phone and a couple of electronic device to seamlessly work together to make your solution work. We at DAMAC are not limited to any niche in the software development field. We go wherever our work wants us to go. Whether it means building apps which gulp down all those big data from your field sensors and produce magical outputs and insights, or when we have to make custom toy robots which are extended by children in their robotics lab, or building custom GPS solutions to keep track of all those fleets of buses you have.

Mobile, Web, Embedded software, system level software… we thrive on the technical challenges

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